Given a shot at college, they shine.

Goal: $1,000,000

About our campaign

Students who have an intellectual disability learn social skills, develop friendships and gain the knowledge and confidence to enter the workplace, contribute to their communities and live independent lives.

Every young person wants a chance to live life to the fullest of his or her abilities. Until recently, South Carolina students who have an intellectual disability lacked that opportunity. Most faced one of two futures after high school: retreating into a life with an aging family member as caregiver or depending on taxpayer-supported residential facilities. But now there is another option.

Five of the state’s leading universities offer programs tailored to young adults who have an intellectual disability. Since 2005, College Transition Connection (CTC) has helped young adults make the move to these colleges where, just like every other student, they attend classes, interact with faculty and explore all that college life offers. As they pursue their academic interests, they develop their social skills, learn independence and expand their career options and earning potential for their lives after completion.

Our success is scalable

In just over five years, College Transition Connection has been a part of dozens of amazing transformations—young adults who have found their voices, their confidence and the skills to live independently in the world as self-determining community members, all because of the college experience.

Hundreds more could achieve the same dream if they had financial assistance. Lift 100 aims to establish scholarship pools of $200,000 at each of the five South Carolina colleges with programs for students who have an intellectual disability.

These scholarships will help qualified students with:

  • tuition and student fees

    Tuition and student fees

  • books and supplies

    Books and supplies

  • room and board

    Room and board

Make a difference

We’ve seen how the college experience can transform their lives, flipping the script from a story of reliance to one of independence. Please help us make that dream a reality for more young people.

To make a donation, please mail checks to:
College Transition Connection
P.O. Box 31656
Charleston, SC 29417
Please make checks payable to College Transition Connection
and add LIFT 100 in the FOR/MEMO section.