Who we are

College Transition Connection (CTC) is a 501(c)(3) organization that works with select colleges and universities in South Carolina to design, create and fund transition and post-secondary opportunities for young adults who have an intellectual disability.


For too many of our young people, there are few viable and meaningful opportunities for continuing education. Students and their parents need more options, and CTC was created to help. Since 2005, we have helped dozens of students who have an intellectual disability realize their college dreams, fulfill their potential and go on to be independent, self-directed members of their communities.

Students enrolled in one of the five CTC programs at colleges across South Carolina socialize and study next to regular students. Each is required to serve an internship on campus, further preparing them for life in the workplace. They learn interactive and communication skills, build confidence and master the practical knowledge necessary to live independently, widen their employment opportunities and increase their earning potential.

Post-secondary programs like CTC’s have had measurable and significant impact on rates of employment for individuals who have intellectual disabilities. These are people who are contributing to their communities, rather than straining resources. In fact, 87% of students who go through these programs are employed or in job training. Compare that to 92% of adults who have an intellectual disability and no college that are unemployed.

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We’ve seen how the college experience can transform their lives, flipping the script from a story of reliance to one of independence. Please help us make that dream a reality for more young people.

To make a donation, please mail checks to:
College Transition Connection
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